gluten free

GRADZ Gluten Free Bread

GRADZ gluten free artisan bread is hand-crafted in London to the same high standards as our traditional breads. We believe that whether you choose to have gluten in your diet or not, you should still be able to eat delicious tasting bread.

What goes into GRADZ bread to make it so special?

We’ve worked hard to develop our gluten free bread and by including a blend of grains and seeds we add great flavour, texture and nutritional benefits to each and every loaf. We have added seeds too which boosts the nutritional benefits of the breads and adds to the great taste.

Our Gluten Free Range of Breads are Coeliac certified and Vegan Certified and baked in a separate bakery

Our breads also have no artificial preservatives or flavours because we set our standards high whatever we are baking. We think that with care and attention and taking our time to make breads using traditional methods, we can create great products that you will love, without having to add anything artificial.

Our loaves are delicious and soft. Each loaf will stay tasty and fresh for up to five days, but it probably won’t last that long…

Vegan Certificate

All GRADZ Gluten Free products have a Vegan Certificate.