Blackbean, avocado and pepper sarnies

Protein packed sandwiches to power you up for the day. Makes: 4, preparation: 15 mins

Sourdough topped with griddled halloumi and honey

A delicious combo of salty and sweet – incredibly Moorish! Serves 8-10, prep 10 mins, cook 15 mins

Rye Smörgåsbord board

These look incredibly pretty to serve for a get together with friends - Make as many as you need! Serves 8-10, prep 20 mins, cook 5 mins

Egg and caper mayo sandwiches with watercress

A firm favourite and classic sarni for lunch or afternoon tea! Makes 2, prep 10 mins, cook 5 mins

Chocolate and cinnamon French toast (yeast free sourdough)

These are a real wow – serve them piled high. Also perfect to serve as a breakfast treat Serves 2-4, prep 5 mins, cook 10 mins15 mins

Bread cubes, red onion, fennel and apple stuffing

An all one roast or stuffing mix – serve on it’s own as a veggie dish or serve alongside roast turkey, chicken or pork Serves 4-6, prep 15 mins, cook 30 mins